Oud Purchase Agreement

Thank you for dealing with Awtari.net

Please read the following carefully:

  • We agreed with Mahmoud Mustafa to work on our behalf based on our measurements and high standards to make the Oud for you.
  • You – as a buyer- have the right to open the product and check it before you sign the post office receipt. If you find any damages, you have the right to refuse it. We will make another Oud for the client within the pre-agreed period. The client must provide us with the evidence (photo and video of the damaged parts). Also the buyer MUST submit a complaint to the Shipping company within 24 hours - or as per the shipping company's policy- and give Awtari the reference number in order for us to proceed with the compensation process otherwise we will not be able to refund and it will be the customer's responsibility 100%.
  • We will start on the order once we receive the full amount. If you – as a buyer- decided to cancel the order after we receive the payment, you will get %30 of the amount paid.
  • The buyer will be responsible for any custom duties or any other fees applied by the government.
  • The buyer should provide the customs with the invoice so they apply the right duties on the product actual price.